5 Most Innovative Designer Birthday Cakes

5 Most Innovative Designer Birthday Cakes

29-07-2020 Author : Natasha

In this innovative world, everyone has become trendy. People love to opt for stylish things in their day to day life. From daily needs to occasions, they all run after fashion and new trends. Even edible things are also in high demand when they show beautifully. For instance, a plethora of designer cakes are there in the market to add glitter to your celebrations and make your friends, family, and guests feel outstanding. 

Suppose you are going to celebrate an auspicious day of your life that is your birthday, you must seek the designer birthday cakes, right? Well, this time, get rid of the simplicity and homogeneous way of celebrating your birthday. Opt for the designer cakes and mark your special day uniquely. Some of the unique yet innovative designer cakes are listed below. You can have a look at them to make your birthday a remarkable day.

Pirate Skull Cake

Although the name of the Pirate skull cake sounds strange and might keep you away from buying it for your birthday. But, you should feel the extreme joy of cutting this unique themed cake with your friends and family and make everyone enjoy the cake slices fully. This cake is beautifully designed in the form of the human skull and iced with buttercream. The fondant accent given to the cake makes it look simple and attractive. You can buy it to surprise your guests and make their eyes get wider after seeing such a unique birthday cake.

Flamingo Cake 

Flamingo cakes are one of the most popular birthday cakes to make the birthday person feel special. So, if you are going to buy the best birthday cake for your grand birthday party or want to surprise any of your dear ones on his/her birthday, go for the delicious flamingo cakes and feel the joy of the birthday party. This cake gets the majority of flavour and colour. You can opt for pineapple flavoured flamingo cake topped with fresh red cherries. This fruity feast will add extra flavour to the glee of a birthday celebration and make everyone feel wow.

Watermelon Cake

If someone loves fruit cakes, you can buy them lip-smacking watermelon cakes, or you can treat yourself with the best birthday cake delivery to your doorstep. This fruity and juicy layered cake is an ultimate way to celebrate birthdays to full pleasure and happiness. Relishing its slices with your close ones will give you great pleasure and fun feelings. This cake is designed in the form of watermelon and decorated with small chocolate chips. Although it is a summer special cake, you can enjoy its taste in every season in an unexpected way.

Chocolate Flower Cake

If you are fond of chocolate flavoured cakes, then this time, try a beautiful and delicious chocolate flower cake. Order chocolate flower cakes online to relish the taste of chocolates in a different way. A giant floral shape given to a chocolate cake makes it a pretty dessert for birthdays. Simple ingredients and wonderful design make it different from other cake types. So, if it is someone’s birthday, the chocolate flower cake delivery online to their doorstep would be a gesture for sure to impress them. We bet, once you go for it, you will be obsessed with it.

Hello Kitty Birthday Cake

The Hello Kitty birthday cake is a great choice to fill someone’s special day with some extra fun and fashion. Yes, the Hello Kitty birthday cake is something heartwarming and alluring to make birthdays extraordinary. It is a theme cake specially made to impress the girls on their birthday. The various designs, colours, and shapes will make you choose the one for your loved ones as per their choice and interest. So, opt for this unique cake type and surprise the birthday person. Also, you can enhance the joy of the birthday celebration with midnight cake delivery to their doorstep.

These days,  cakes are not limited to the birthday celebrations only, but they spread the wings to capture different occasions as well. Of course, the aforementioned designer cakes are to add extra charm to the birthday celebrations, but they can also add the dash of festivity to the occasions like Raksha Bandhan, Diwali, etc. 

Raksha Bandhan is around the corner and you must seek a sweet dish for your brother to make him feel surprised. This year, bring these designer cakes home and enhance the happiness of the Rakhi celebration. The designer cakes are also eggless cakes and ready to melt in everyone’s mouth. So, stop waiting for more. Just grab the opportunity to fill your sibling’s heart with extra happiness and satiate their taste buds with flavorsome cakes.

Be it a birthday or Rakhi celebration or any other celebration, designer cakes are the ones, which can give you a different pleasure of enjoying a day with friends and family. You must grab the chance to sweeten everyone’s mouth with something really alluring and heartwarming. You will find all the bliss of spending some moments with your loved ones by cutting and relishing cakes together. Order it now and spend your day with some real bliss of togetherness.



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