Top 10 Flowers and The Best Occasions to Gift Them

Top 10 Flowers and The Best Occasions to Gift Them

14-10-2020 Author : Natasha

Flowers have those magical powers that light up all occasions. Their vibrant colours, fragrances, appearances, etc. steal everyone’s heart. Flowers make people feel lost in their beauty. Their presence is enough to spread happiness and joy all around. That’s why flowers are preferred to send the best wishes on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries, and many more. But, do you know that choosing the right flower for a particular occasion helps you leave a mark on your loved one’s heart? Well, flowers are the perfect gifts for every occasion, you can make it an extraordinary gesture for your dear ones just by choosing the right one.

This blog has written to let you know about the top flowers and the right occasions to gift them. Read it to the end and know how flowers can be the best gift ever.

Roses - Valentine’s Day

When it’s time to celebrate love, you can send roses online. Roses have all the power to make your special one feel the depth of your true love and accept it wholeheartedly. There are a number of variations of rose flower, you can pick any rose flower bouquet to express your love, friendship, affection, adoration to someone special on the auspicious occasion of Valentine’s Day. From a single red rose to a bunch of roses, all can do magic to ignite the spark of romance in your romantic relationship.

Tulips - Express Love in Spring Season

The Tulip is one of the most popular flowers to express feelings of love and emotions in the Spring season. This flower is popularly known as a Spring flower. It symbolises perfect love, elegance, and grace. Therefore, you can send Tulip flower online to express your heartfelt feelings and emotions for the person whom you really adore. Different colours of the Tulip flower represent different meanings and emotions. You can pick any of them, which you find the most suitable to say what your heart feels.

Lilies - Easter

There are numerous variations of Lily flowers available in nature. Also, you find Lilies of different colours in the market to send to your loved ones on special occasions. The various Exotic Lily flowers represent different meanings. For instance, orange Lily represents passion, white Lilies symbolise virginity, etc. But, Lilies are commonly given on Easter because the white Lily (Easter Lily) symbolises the Virgin Mary.  Therefore, you can go for exotic Lilies to send your wishes on the pious occasion of Easter.

Orchids - Fourteenth Wedding Anniversary

Orchid flowers strongly symbolise beauty, flair, love, luxury, strength, refinement, femininity, thoughtfulness, etc. Although this flower is found in different colours, you can opt for pink orchids to wish a couple on their 14th wedding anniversary. You can adore your spouse with a lovely orchids bouquet to wish them your fourteenth years of togetherness. An orchid flower bouquet would be a perfect gesture to show your pure affection for your spouse on your fourteenth marriage anniversary.

Sunflowers -Third Wedding Anniversary

Sunflowers are popularly known as a third-anniversary flower. They are the symbol of dedicated love, adoration, and pure thoughts. You can send Sunflowers online to wish a lovely couple on the completion of their 3rd year of marriage. Moreover, offering a sunflower bouquet to your wife or husband on your third wedding anniversary will lead you both to the deepest feeling of love and affection for one another. It would be a great anniversary gift to brighten up the day of your special one.

Gerbera Daisies - Housewarming Ceremony

If it’s time for a new beginning, you can pick Gerbera Daisies to send your best wishes and blessings. Gerbera Daisies symbolise purity, love, innocence, new beginnings, etc. This flower can be the best gift for the occasion of housewarming. So, wish your friends and family who are going to start a new life in their new home. Gift a Gerbera bouquet with a lovely note of wishing all the love, happiness, success, health, wealth, and prosperity in their life.

Iris - Sympathy or Get Well Soon

When you need a flower bouquet to show sympathy or send a get well soon wishes to your loved ones, you can go for Iris flowers without a second thought. Yes, iris flowers are perfect gifts for sympathy occasions. They are an ideal choice to show empathy and kindness to anyone. As Iris flowers are available in various colours, white Irises can be an ideal choice for this. Whereas Purple Iris symbolises wisdom and royalty and yellow Irises symbolises passion.

Carnations - Mother’s Day

Carnation flowers represent women’s love, pride, beauty, and fascination. Therefore, they have chosen as the best Mother’s Day flower. By gifting a beautiful carnation flower bouquet you can express your unconditional love for your mother on the occasion of Mother’s Day. Not only that, but different colours of Carnation flowers perfectly represent love, affection, and luck. You can send it to your mother to shower her with your endless love.

Chrysanthemums - Funeral

Chrysanthemum flowers are one of the perfect ways to show sympathy to the bereaved family who is bearing the pain of losing their loved ones. So, you can offer Chrysanthemum flowers to them to console them at a tough time. If you cannot be the part of the funeral, you can show your presence with an online flower delivery to their doorstep. Choose the right colour of flowers and use them in the right way. A single flower of consolation can help them to bear the pain calmly.

Peonies - Twelveth Wedding Anniversary

Although every year of the wedding anniversary is quite precious. But, you can make the 12th wedding anniversary extra special by sending Peony flowers to your spouse or any other couple. Peonies are the types of flowers, which signify prosperity and happy married life. Therefore, you can offer Peonies to a lovely married couple wishing them a happy married life ahead after the successful completion of twelve years of togetherness.

So, these were the best flowers to be offered on different occasions to your loved ones just to show your love, care, and affection. Pick them carefully and make a special occasion an extraordinary day for everyone.



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