5 Steps by IndiaGiftsKart to make your Gifting Safe

5 Steps by IndiaGiftsKart to make your Gifting Safe

08-09-2020 Author : Naina

In this tough time of COVID-19, it is extremely important to take care of yourself and your loved ones. And precaution is the biggest step that we all can take and encourage everyone to do so. Our country has been going through lockdowns after lockdowns to fight against this monster pandemic and we will win for sure.

Even in this pandemic should gifting to your loved ones shouldn’t be a problem, we got your back. We know just like anyone, your mind will have questions like -

- Is it safe to order a cake for a loved one in these times?

- Will my cake gets delivered on time?

- Will the delivery boy follow all the precautions?

- Should I send a gift or not?

Well, we know your worries and to make sure you continue to express love to your friends, family and partner; we take the following 5 safety measures.

#1 - We Sanitize Twice a Day

We sanitize our bakery twice a day to make sure all the cakes are baked in hygiene and love.

Our delivery centres also get sanitized twice a day.

Our delivery team follows the utmost standards of sanitization and washes their hands regularly. 

Our employees also follow the sanitization process religiously. 

Hygiene is key to keep corona away and we are the best cake website in India to follow that.

#2 - Zero Contact Delivery

That’s the rule we have been following since day 1 of operations after the coronavirus outbreak. Our every delivery is zero contact delivery and we have trained our delivery team rigorously to make sure they follow it.

Our delivery boys also keep a sanitizer with themselves to make sure sanitization standards are followed during the delivery process. 

So fret not, go on and keep ordering cake online from IndiaGiftsKart.com

#3 - Masks Everyone

To make cake delivery online, or gift delivery online safe it is must keep yourself covered with a mask. And this is mandatory for everyone in our organization, whether its employees, delivery team, vendor partners or delivery centres. 

#4 - Temperature Checks Twice a Day

Part of precautions and continuous check process, for employees to the delivery team this is also a compulsion for everyone. This is also followed twice a day within our organization as we move towards a new normal of living. 

#5 - Gloves, Caps While Gifting

All our staff at office premises and delivery centres wear gloves, caps while preparing gifts for you. Making a flower bouquet to bake a cake, everyone takes care of this thumb rule and contributes to your safety.

We thank all our employees, staff, delivery team, and vendor partners who relentlessly follow these 5 steps day and day out to make gifting for India safe. We will win this fight against corona and cherish the moments as it used to be. 

We just want to say to you, Don’t Worry!

Happily Keep Gifting India :) 




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