Some Popular Flowers & The Seasons, They Bloom

Some Popular Flowers & The Seasons, They Bloom

09-10-2020 Author : Natasha

Flowers are the gift of nature that touches the deep senses of the soul and fills it with endless feelings of happiness. Only their presence all around takes humans to cloud nine. Saying a lot about the beauty of flowers seems less. We can say that words are not enough to describe the attribute of lovely flowers. Flowers have all the magical power to uplift the soul and make someone forget all the sorrow and pain. Not only that, but flowers are also considered as an awesome gift to surprise loved ones. They help you to express emotions fantastically. 

Well, knowing more and more about flowers always excites you. After all, they are a wonderful creation of the almighty to soothe human souls and send them great comfort. So, let’s know about some popular flowers and their blooming season so that you can keep them near you all the time. Yes, if you love to decorate your interiors with flowers or have a craze for gardening, then you should know about the varieties of flowers and the seasons favourable for them. Here are some of the quite popular flowers enlisted below with some facts and knowledge about the seasons they bloom. 

Carnation Flowers

It is said that the carnation flowers first bloom on the earth when mother Mary wept for Jesus as he carried the cross. They are famous as the January birthday flower. Carnation flowers are late spring bloomers. They take a long time to bloom which is usually up to eight weeks approximately. The carnation flowers are found in the great assortment of colors and varieties to plant in the gardens.

Tulip Flowers

Tulips are known as spring season flowers. They start blooming from the end of March until the middle of May. This flower is available in different varieties, shapes, sizes, and colours. More than 3000 varieties of tulip flowers are found on the earth. All the varieties of tulip flowers behold different meanings, so that is chosen for various reasons. One can keep them in their garden and cherish their beauty forever.

Peony Flowers

Peonies are one of the popular summer season flowers. The peonies are famous for their endless beauty and fragrance, though they are loaded with a plethora of health benefits. Yes, you heard right. The different varieties of peony flowers are of medicinal use too. They heal inflammation, protect the skin from sunburn, cure hepatitis, fever, dysmenorrhea, and many more.

Daffodil Flowers

Daffodils are spring season flowers that are best to plant in the autumn season. They start blooming in late winter or early spring. They are one of the popular garden flowers to make you feel the joy like the rebirth of your garden. Well, daffodils symbolize rebirth, so, they are best to choose to offer someone at the beginning of a relationship. 

Camellia Flowers

Camellia flowers are one of the popular winter season flowers. Therefore, if you are looking for a flower type to plant in your garden in winters, then opt for camellia flowers. They start blooming in the mid-winter. The flowers are usually large in size and are of different colours. Generally, camellia flowers are used to express love and affection that make them world-famous flowers to express emotions beautifully.

Chrysanthemum Flowers

Chrysanthemums are known as autumn season flowers. They bloom in various colours, shapes, and sizes that are perfect to enhance the beauty of indoor and outdoor gardens. If you want to enjoy the beauty of the Chrysanthemum flowers, then opt for its varieties and surround your garden with them. Chrysanthemum flowers symbolise devoted love, therefore, you can deliver these flowers online to your loved ones as a love token too.

Gulmohur Flowers

Gulmohur is a rainy season flower, which starts blooming in the month of April until July. It is a suitable plant to grow up in the garden and enjoy the rainy season. The beauty of the Gulmohar flowers is enough to faint anyone. Its five spoon-shaped petals look so gorgeous and attractive. They are a complete package of happiness, beauty, and joy in the rainy season.

Marigold Flowers

Marigold flowers are all-season flowers. They are considered as the annual flower, which spreads its fragrance throughout the year. The multiple layers of overlapping petals contribute a lot to enhance the charm of its beauty. The most common colours of Marigold flowers are yellow, maroon, orange, and red. You can consider any or all of them to decorate your indoor and outdoor gardens. 

Lily Flowers

Lilies are seasonal flowers, which bloom early summer to fall. The different types of lilies are always ready to let you enjoy its magnificent beauty. They are very common types of flowers to add extra charm to the indoor and outdoor gardens. You can also choose beautiful lilies to express emotions beautifully. As they symbolise devotion and purity, they are considered as the best gift for anyone.


Sunflowers are summer season flowers, which face towards the sun. They are annual flowers that you will need to plant every year. If you like sunflowers, then get an online flower delivery every year and plant in your garden. Their bright appearance will make your day for sure. They are the types of flowers, which need no special care other than the full sun of hot summers.

So, a bit of information about the popular flowers and their blooming season will surely help you to keep them near you according to the season. Cherish them and create memories with your loved ones.



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