Which Flower is for Your Wedding Anniversary?

Which Flower is for Your Wedding Anniversary?

21-09-2020 Author : Natasha

Marriage is a lifetime commitment that ties you both by an invisible thread of love and care. This bond gives you lots of blissful moments every day. Therefore, to honour the day of marital bliss, you should celebrate this day with extra dedication and love. It is never too hard to make a perfect plan for your anniversary celebration. With a few arrangements and lovable surprises, you can make this day exceptional and memorable throughout the year.

Your wedding anniversary is quite a special day for you and of course, you have your own ways to celebrate this day. When your marriage anniversary is about to approach, your mind might get filled with lots of ideas to make it a remarkable day for you and your spouse. But, if you are looking for one of the most adorable and romantic gifts for your partner, you should try flowers. 

Flowers are beautiful itself, but they also have the power to brighten up your day and make it special for both of you. No matter which year of togetherness you are going to celebrate, choosing flowers as an anniversary gift has been always the most appreciating idea. But, make sure you are opting for the best anniversary flowers according to your years of togetherness. Yes, you heard it right. Different flowers signify different years of togetherness perfectly. Therefore, to make flowers a perfect surprise for your sweetheart, choose anniversary flowers according to your year of togetherness.

Read this blog till the end and come to know that which flower can perfectly adorn your marriage anniversary.

Carnations -  For 1st Marriage Anniversary

Carnation flowers represent the youth, passionate love, vows of a lifetime commitment, etc. That’s why they are considered the first anniversary flowers. These flowers perfectly symbolize the passionate love of newlywed couples. So, if you are looking for your 1st-anniversary flower, then choose carnations without a second thought.

Cosmos - For 2nd Anniversary Celebration

Your second year of togetherness allows you to celebrate your compatibility, understanding, never-ending love, and much more. Therefore, cosmos flowers can be your second marriage anniversary flower. They will perfectly signify the beauty and purity of your love and make you and your partner feel it from the core of your hearts. 

Daisies - To Adorn 5th Wedding Anniversary

Daisy flowers are the perfect 5th-anniversary flower to represent the innocence and gentleness of your romantic relationship. Their incredibly attractive and exciting appearance can attract everyone and make them fall for them. So, opt for the most beautiful daisies to adorn your 5th wedding anniversary and let the love bloom a bit more.

Daffodils - To Signify 10th Marriage Anniversary

The yellow daffodils are the best 10th-anniversary flower to appreciate the endless pleasure of spending a decade of marriage. So, on the occasion of celebrating your ten years of togetherness, cherish the beautiful memories with your partner by offering them a beautiful love token in the form of a lovely daffodil flower bouquet.  

Peonies - For the 12th Year of Togetherness

If your 12th year of togetherness is about to approach, then grab it to express the feelings of love, luck, and fortune to have such a happy relationship with your soulmate. Gift peony flowers as a token of love to your partner and express gratitude to them. This flower will help you to appreciate the ceremony and the world of love that revolves around you.

Aster - For 20th Wedding Anniversary

The two successful decades of your marriage make you remind and appreciate the beautiful days that you have spent together. So, celebrate this day by offering aster flowers to your partner. Aster symbolizes wisdom and prosperity, which give you a great idea to celebrate your strong marital bond by confessing your never-ending love for your spouse.

Iris - To  Celebrate 25th Wedding Anniversary

On the occasion of the 25th year of your marriage anniversary, the iris flowers can perfectly represent the strongest marital bond that you have shared with your partner for such a long time. They are the best 25th-anniversary flowers that can enhance the joy of celebrating your silver jubilee. So, consider irises as your silver wedding anniversary flowers to signify your love.

Lilies - For 30th Anniversary

The 30th wedding anniversary is all about showing devotion to your relationship. So, celebrate this day with the purity of your love. Offer beautiful lilies to your soulmate and say what you feel about spending such a long duration of your married life with them. It is a day to be thankful to them by offering lilies as a token of love, care, and devotion.

Gladiolas - For 40th Marriage Anniversary

Gladiola flowers represent vibrancy and remembrance. Therefore, at this stage of life, you can dive into the sweet memories of the past forty years and come up with happy feelings. Give gladiola flowers to the partner of your ups and downs and let them know that your love is still the same and you would love to love them more and more. 

Yellow Roses - For 50th Year of Marriage

As you have spent the golden days of your marriage successfully, make golden wedding anniversary flower arrangements to surprise your partner. Consider yellow roses for 50th wedding anniversary flower arrangements and say it all that you have gained throughout the fifty years of marriage. Yellow roses will enhance your love for your partner and faith in such a beautiful relationship in the world.

So, celebrate your marriage anniversary with a perfect flower and create memories of this joyful day that you can cherish forever.



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